I want to fly in the sky! I want fly hightech & safe equipment!
I want to fly while watching Mount Fuji! !

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ASAGIRI Paraglider

(1) Challenge course
(Only Japanese speaker)
\10,000 half day You can easily experience floating freely in front of mt. Fuji.
Licensing Course Discounts
(2) Tandem Course \10,000(weekday)
\12.000(Saurdays Sundays,and holidays)

\15,000(Saturdays Sundays,and holidays)
A qualified instructor tandem pilot will take you for a walk on air.
You sit back and enjoy the view of Asagiri Plateau from an altitude of 300m.
(3) Set Course
(Only Japanese speaker)
\20,000(Saturdays Sundays,and holidays)
CHALLENGE COURSE(Only Japanese speaker) 
To Pagetop
“I want to know what paragliding is!”
If this is your case, then our accessible “Challenge Course” is made for you.
Enjoy floating on air, with the support of our qualified staff.

Course fee 【 half day 】 ¥10,000
Registration Time
Half-day experience(pm) by 13:00
Closed on Thursday and Friday
※Opened during public holidays
To Pagetop
Enjoy exploring the sky with our paragliding instructors This is what “Tandem Course” is about.

Leave the paraglider control to our instructor, and fully enjoy flying from a high place, with the wonderful view of the unique Asagiri Plateau in front of you.
Recommended even for beginners!


Our shop is along National highway No.139.
familyMart(a convenience store) is on the other side of the road from our shop.
You can see our big green signboard.

  A Registration
At first fill out the registration form.
Then we will explain to you about some basic action for flight.
  B Move to Landing Place
Next,you go to the landing zone parking area by car.
If somebody is already flying,you can see how to land.
C Climb up to the launch
We take you to the launch by car.
This launch is 300m higher than parking.
When you get out of the car ,we are sure that you will be impressed by the beautiful landscape of Mt Fuji.

  D Wear on the equipment
We put you in the harness(chair like)and put on you helmet.
You then fly!
E Here we go!
Finally!The time to take off.
The time waiting for good wind is most sensitive time for you.
Take a deep breath!
  Run Run Run
Run run run !
You have to run until you are in the air.
Never sit down during launch.
  Fly into the Sky
Your feet leave the ground and you are flying!

F Beautiful Mt.Fuji
Enjoy the sky in front of Mt.Fuji!
Try to take photos of Mt.Fuji by changing the angle of the camera.

  I'm a bird
Open your hands.
You are a bird!
  Fly together
When we line up,take a photo of each other.
G Landing
Usually we fly for about 10min.
When we land you have to run again a bit.

  H Finish
Our landing place is a great big lawn.
If you land first,take photos of your friend's landing.
At last we give an experience certificate to you.
It's all over.
Thank you and come back again!
【Course fee】  ¥10,000(weekday) → ¥12,000(weekday)(Feb 1st 2024〜)
         ¥12.000(Saturdays,Sundays,and holidays)
        →¥15.000(Saturdays,Sundays,and holidays)(Feb 1st 2024〜)
Registration Time
What should I bring and wear?
To Pagetop
Equipment : Gloves (gloves available), long sleeves and long pants, Sports shoes (high-cut ones if possible), towel and change of clothes.

※※Phone by 18:00 the day before,please email your reservation two days before.
※※The above rates,rental equipment,rental facilities,include the consumption tax.

※※Cancellation fee for each course.
   If you want to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible.

※※For the group, pursuant to trip cancellation fees will apply.
※※The course (experience, Tandem, packages) facility fees include insurance for flyers.


SkyAsagiri Fumoto 499,Fujinomiya,Shizuoka,418-0109 Japan TEL 0544-52-0304